Medicall — nurse-patient communication system


Medicall – MDC V03 IP Integrated Communication System is designed to provide prompt communication and call staff in healthcare facilities and community care facilities. The system meets high standards of European quality. The main advantages of the system are ease of installation and maintenance, safety, low operating costs, modern design, high operational reliability and long service life. The system is manufactured using the latest technologies. The architecture of the system allows to satisfy various requirements and specific wishes of customers. Even with significant changes that entail the reconstruction of the plant on which the system is installed, or the change in the type of use, the system can be reprogrammed, and by simple replacement of the end blocks it can be completely redone. The system is created as a universal team. It has a large selection of options for using individual elements. In the event of an accident or failure, each element of the system can be replaced immediately with a new component. Even an unqualified trained person can make the replacement. The replacement is to remove the element from the mounting frame and disconnect the plug. During operation, the MDC V03 IP system is automatically diagnosed regularly. A number of faults the system is able to self-classify and find the defective element. Installation of the system is quite simple. Any finite element is connected to the connection points. Individual elements of the system are connected through a structured cabling system.

The MDC V03 IP system consists of a set of standalone functional blocks and elements. System management is provided by the VOIP system server, which is housed in the data cabinet.

All MediCall products are designed to meet the high demands of today’s institutions, with particular emphasis on comfort and ease of use.


The MDC V03 IP S MediCall alarm system is a necessary aid for every modern healthcare and social care institution and is used when voice communication is not required. The system provides effective communication of medical staff with patients without the possibility of language exchange, the system can be gradually increased by adding new elements and expanding the functionality based on IP technologies.

The alarm system is characterized by maximum reliability, flexibility and variability, intuitive controls, self-diagnosis and remote control via the Internet.

MDC V03 IP S consists of a set of standalone functional blocks and elements. All MediCall products meet the high requirements of today’s institutions, are easy to understand and use.


The MDC SV05 MediCall alarm system is used in health and social care facilities, sanatoriums, retirement homes, and the like. The functionality of the system can be expanded with the help of communication units that allow one-way voice communication of the so-called. A “central message” from the medical staff to the client. The system can work as a whole or it can be divided into separate subsystems that work completely independently. Appointed in institutions with temporary staff positions. The MDC SV05 consists of a set of standalone functional units and elements. The system can be gradually upgraded and expanded according to user requirements and requirements. All MediCall products meet the high requirements of today’s institutions, are easy to understand and use.

System Elements

Equipment for staff

Equipment for patient

Service equipment

Other equipment