Ekonomik – system of regulation of heating systems

Ekonomik is a controlled programmable system for automatic control of heating in the facilities. Provides integrated control of heating systems: regulates both the power of the heat source (or heat supply) and the temperature in separate rooms in accordance with established heating programs. The system is based on the principles of IRC regulation (Individual Room Control): regulation of heating in individually set for each room of the object time intervals. The Ekonomik system consists of a set of elements that are installed either individually or directly into heat sources, as well as a control unit that is connected to other elements by means of a three-wire collecting bus and provides control of the entire system. By using this system, you can achieve up to 40% savings in heating costs.

The EKONOMIK system is designed to control the following heating systems:

  • water heating (radiators);
  • electric heating elements;
  • floor heating.

Examples of using the Ekonomik system:

on objects heated by gas or electric boilers (including heat storage);
on objects supplied by heat on separate branches, in an amount from 1 to 8;
Ekonomik control system is intended for regulation of heating in objects of type:
office space, organizations, schools and kindergartens,
catering, boarding houses, clubs, private homes, etc.